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American politico's usurp religion to garner votes, while pandering to the rigid morality of the religious right (the religious wrong).

However, USian religiosity has other negative consequences. The US's degree of religiosity places it alongside nations with functional IQs close to 83. Science education is under threat from creationism, even though most of Europe reconciled religion to the fact of evolution over 1oo years ago. Within the US, a disproportionately high percentage of religious folk refuse to recognize that the Bible is a pseudohistoric allegory and insist on Biblical inerrancy, counter to all known facts that demonstrate that much of the Bible is inaccurate. Because science disproves Genesis, creationists have mounted a campaign to attack the fact of biological evolution in hopes of inserting creationist pseudoscience for dummies in competition with science.

Although the Founding Fathers' intent was that the state could neither establish a religion nor interfere with personal religious beliefs, religion and state are to be maintained distinct. The exigent need is no longer the protection of religious freedoms, but rather to protect political decision making, minority rights, and education from the depradations of religious fundamentalists.

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