Evolution in Action

Since the advent of modern molecular genetics, biological evolution has come to be understood as a change in genotype – a genetic alteration in the intergenerational frequency of alleles in populations. However, long before the nature of genes was deciphered, amateur and professional scientists were aware that morphological changes had occurred over time – phenotypic evidence of changes in body structure were observed in the fossil record.

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The purpose of this site is to present clickable images that will illustrate the branching changes in evolution of bauplans. As such, this will be a work in slow progress limited by my ability to create images.

αΩ Hadean αΩ abiogenesis αΩ LUCA αΩ phylogenetic tree αΩ evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis αΩ geological time αΩ timeline of life αΩ fossilization αΩ Ediacara Biotasite map


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